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Elite Recovery Home

Mission Statement

Elite Recovery Home provides a safe and healthy sober living home environment to help inspire and motivate residents by utilizing custom-tailored curriculum designed for each client’s specific needs to maintain long-term sobriety. Our encouragement-based philosophy is the cornerstone to the success of the program. 

Unlike most sober living homes we cater to executive management personnel. This is not to say you must be in the category, but an extensive interview must be performed before allowing entry into our exclusive and private home. 

Our Executive Director is a State Certified Recovery Support Specialist and Life Coach. As a corporate executive, he has attended both the Ritz Carlton Leadership Conference and Disney Insitute for Creative Leadership. He has been a featured speaker for many Fortune 500 companies. 

Core Philosophies

1. We do not utilize fear-based principles to guide and teach our clients.
2. We treat everyone with respect, dignity, compassion, and empathy.
3. Encouragement, honesty, and faith are our guiding principles.

Our Slogan

“Inspiration and motivation for a well-deserved life and sober tomorrow”

Our Goal

To enrichen the lives of each individual while building the framework for lifetime sobriety. To celebrate the unique qualities and gifts that each person has to contribute to a productive society and a life worth living.
Elite Recovery Home

The Foundation was established to honor the memory of our deceased father and grandfather

His life was taken from us in an automobile accident caused by a young man who was driving a vehicle while intoxicated after a night out partying while attending a wedding. Only later to find out he was an alcoholic with addiction problems. 

Our goal is to enrich the lives of each individual coming to our home seeking help to gain long-term sobriety.

Our prayers are with each individual that completes their recovery program, that when they leave, they are inspired, motivated, and encouraged to follow their path to a successful and joyous life, free of addictions.

Those who love don't go away.
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near.
Still loved, still missed, and forever dear.

The Edwin L Cox Recovery Foundation is a full non-profit 501c3 and relies on generous donors like yourself to maintain the operations of the home. 100% of your donation will be invested in providing scholarships for clients who may not be able to afford this valuable service. You can make a difference in changing a life forever.  

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What makes our sober living home different

Elite Recovery Home is not a peer-based program like many other sober living homes. When our clients have already attended programs such as (IOP) intensive outpatient or (PHP) Partial hospitalization programs, we pick up where they leave off. We are an advanced program!

We offer an executive management style of training. We help stretch the minds of clients allowing them to see their full potential. Most of our clients have failed with maintaining a job, failed relationships, or simply aren't happy in life in general.

We have found that most clients are reminded of everything they've done wrong in their life. In a way, they have been conditioned that everything they've done is wrong. Whereas, we enlighten and inspire them to want to achieve more in life. We perform extensive assessment tests to evaluate personality traits, career assessments, and most importantly what motivates them to want to achieve more in life.

Happiness can be achieved without the use of drugs and alcohol. We can guarantee 100% success if you are 100% committed. We can't promise this will be an easy process. It will take a minimum of 90 days of dedication and a willingness to want sobriety. However, we'll be there to walk you through the entire process. You aren't alone and you are our number one priority.

Not only are you immersed in an upscale environment, but you are also provided with meals, gym membership, transportation options, recreation activities, and entertainment. Your only commitment is following our education program. We take out the stress and you put in the work. It's that simple!

Notice: Management Reserves the Right to Make Modifications without Notice